Fair Trade Promise

“Eco Bags are dedicated to make our products eco friendly. We use cotton, canvas and jute materials in all the range of products. In our works in Calcutta, India, the Jute capital of the world we manufactured our products to very high standards. Eco Bags have a very clean, modern production unit in Calcutta, India where we produce all our products in the very best ethical way. We do not employ any child labour in our unit.” ~ Sunil Sen

Our History

Sunil Sen

Sunil Sen established Eco Friendly Bags in 2007. Eco Friendly Bags is a family-run business, specialising in amazing eco friendly products. Our eco bags are expertly-made, bespoke products and targeted for individual consumers in the wholesale market. By adding your own branding to our products, we make them bespoke and unique.

Sunil has years of experience behind him, with a portfolio of varied product range. These products are for wholesale with different functionalities and made with high quality materials. These produced are ideal for small businesses and large brands. Eco Friendly Bag’s specialise in large orders of bespoke products. Eco friendly bags produce a wide range of promotional bags, jute bags, canvas bags, wine bags and specialised bags. Our Eco products were supplied repeatedly, over many years, to major high street stores and TV shopping channels, .

The range of bags and accessories are kind to the environment and cost efficient. All the dyes used arenon-toxic and made with vegetable dyes. They are machine-washeable and used again and again, even the Baby Bag-It-All.

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Clients include: